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              Intercontinental Speciality Milk has its own distribution channels and logistics team and for that reason alone can reassure all customers they will receive their products in a prompt and swift manner at lower cost than employing private logistics companies.

              Furthermore, we ensure all products and deliveries remain in fresh, untainted and undamaged condition. Each and every week, we give our logistics staff a training session to ensure a full understanding and compliance of delivery terms and conditions that might vary from one customer to another.

              All delivery vehicles have a shut in door system and they get thoroughly cleaned every day prior to delivery loading so customers can safely expect total cleanliness and tidiness of their purchases. They are also equipped with GPS tracking devices to help determine their exact location and control driving speeds at all times.

              Price Volatility, Stock and Risk Management
              At present, dairy products are relatively sensitive to price volatility so much so that at times buyers are unable to adapt and adjust to external factors that play a part in pricing which in turn results in mistakes while buying or even pre ordering.

              With that in mind, Intercontinental Speciality Milk has expertise in the dairy industry and experience of more than 25 years and naturally understands how of vital importance this issue can be, so employs highly experienced market analysts with the required knowledge to help combat product price volatility as to minimise any associated risk for our customers.

              We also have firm and good relations with overseas manufacturers and international traders which in turn enables us to have the latest updates on current market situations that can be used for industry analysis and provide advice to customers to ensure satisfactory end results.

              On top of that, we have a huge stock of products as to conveniently meet any sudden, rising demand by our customers.

              And throughout our annual huge product cycle, we typically receive new products every month and thanks to our established FIFO system for product dispatches, all customers can rest assured they always receive fresh and new products upon delivery.

              Quality Control and Standards
              With today's ever increasing demand for high standards of manufacturing and products, we thrive on making certain each and every one of the products that we import and distribute has necessary quality control certifications such as HACCP, ISO, GMP. Besides, we include HALAL and KOSHER certifications and annual product infection screens to the standard profile.

              As a standard practice, we also send product samples to independent labs as part of analysis which is legally required by Thailand's Food and Drug Administration and with that in mind, our customers can have the full confidence in the exceptional quality of our product range.