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              Hydrogenated Palm Products
              Range of Cocoa Butter Substitutes (CBS) that are made from fraction of Lauric oil which does not require tempering. We have some CBS range that are suitable in making compound chocolate bar which gives good glossiness to chocolate and also excellent sharp melting properties. We also have tailor-made CBS that are suitable for coating of confectioneries such as biscuits, sweet confectioneries, sandwiched biscuits or wafers; soft center fillings, chocolate type vermicelli and many more.

              ICE CREAM FATS
              Range of specially-tailored fats that are made of fully refined, bleached, deodorized and hydrogenated vegetable oil. This specialty fats are suitable not only for ice cream mass but also for ice cream coating and also chilled confections. They provide a sharp melting profile, melt rapidly inside your mouth and deliver an excellent mouth feel.

              MILK FAT REPLACER
              Milk fat replacer is a substitute for Milk Fat. It is 100% compatible with Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) and behaves quite similarly with AMF. It is formulated to meet all the physical characteristics of actual Milk Fat and able to produce finished products at favorable costs and is cholesterol free compared to milk fat. Suitable for bakery application such as premium pastry, dairy application which include whipping cream, fresh cream, dairy desserts, processed cheese and also butter replacer formulation.

              Margarine is made from pure vegetable oil. Besides being suitable for bakery application such as cakes, cookies, it is also suitable for pan-frying, roasting and many more. It gives a very buttery taste to the end products and also help to increase cake and creaming volume.

              We represent Cargill Palm Product for the Thai market, carrying a wide range of Cargill’s products. In case you are looking for any particular product that is not listed above, please contact us for more details.