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              Cocoa Powder
              Cocoa Powder is made from cocoa beans that are roasted, then ground to a paste. Afterward, the thick paste is pressed between hydraulic plates, which squeezes out about half of the excess cocoa butter. (Cocoa beans are about 50% fat.) What’s left is a cocoa cakes, which is then grated into a fine powder by pulverizing process

              Cocoa powder is the de-fatted chocolate solids left after the cocoa butter is removed from the chocolate, creating a low-fat powdered product. There are two main types of cocoa powder: natural and Dutch process.

              “Dutch-processed” (alkalized) is processed by adding an alkalizing agent, like potassium carbonate, to the roasted cocoa beans during the pressing, The alkalization process mellows the cocoa out a little and makes it a little easier to blend with other flavors. Alkalization process is mainly to reduce the acidity and harshness of natural cocoa

              Natural (non-alkalized) cocoa powder is pure roasted cocoa beans -- with most of the fat removed -- ground to a fine powder. With the entire flavor but a fraction of the fat, cocoa powder is essentially a concentrated form of cocoa beans: it is bitter and strong. Since cocoa beans are naturally tart and acidic (characteristics that provide fruitiness and complexity in the best chocolates and harshness in chocolates of lesser quality), these characteristics are accentuated in cocoa powder. The best natural cocoa retains the true flavors and complexity of the cocoa bean, but lesser quality natural cocoa may be quite harsh.

              We carry a wide range of alkalized cocoa powder range from lightly alkalized to heavy alkalized (black cocoa). We have few colors of cocoa powder to match customer’s requirement range from light brown, dark brown, reddish brown, dark color, light reddish brown. We carry both low fat cocoa powder with 10-12% fat content and high fat cocoa powder with 22-24% fat content. We have both cocoa powder made from 100% African beans and African beans mix with Indonesian beans.

              Physical and Chemical Analysis
              Protein (N x 6.38)
              Scorched Particles
              Titratable Acidity
              Solubility Index
              Taste and Odour


              11.0 % max.
              4.0 % max.
              74 % approx.
              8 % approx.
              Disc A / B
              0.15 % max.
              1.25 ml max.
              Typical whey,
              no off taste or off odour
              White to yellowish

              Microbiological Analysis
              Total Plate Count
              Yeast & Mould

              50,000 / g max.
              Negative in 0.1 g
              Negative in 25 g
              100 / g max.
              ≤ 10/g

              Storage recommendation
              Keep cocoa powder in cool and dry storage and free from foreign odors. Avoid direct sunglight

              The product is packed in a 25kg net weight multi walled kraft paper bag with a polyethylene liner.

              Product should be stored in a cool, dry environment, protected from moisture and foreign odours

              France, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Netherlands, Ireland, U.S.

              This is a standard product specification. Variations to the standard are available upon request.