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              ABOUT US
              Intercontinental Speciality Milk Company Limited was founded in 2003 in Thailand with the aim of becoming an importer and distributor of dairy products on behalf of Fonterra (NZMP), a major dairy product manufacturer based in New Zealand with a global market share of 30% that confirms its status as the largest corporation in native New Zealand. Today our product range has expanded to include wholemilk powder, skimmed milk powder, anhydrous milk fat, buttermilk powder, milk protein concentrate and whey powder.
              On top of that, we also market and distribute products for various companies allied to Fonterra, including Euroserum (France), Ba'Mek (Israel), as well as a wide range of dairy products imported from such countries as Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Australia, India, Argentina and Uruguay. All products under our marketing and distribution care are fully certified by Thailand's Food and Drug Administration and manufacturers receive many quality control certifications including HACCP, ISO, GMP, Halal etc.
              As far as sale figures go, Intercontinental Speciality imports on average 20,000 tonnes of dairy products for distribution to both manufacturers and retailers in Thailand every year. We liaise with international traders and manufacturers with international recognition which is precisely why we are able to guarantee that our product range will meet customer expectations and requirements, with punctual delivery and of international standards. Besides, we can also give our customers first hand assistance in locating products to cater for their individual needs as well as developing fresh products for emerging markets.
              In addition to dairy business, our subsidiaries are also involved in such related products as cocoa powder and palm fat and coating fat product boths imported from Malaysia under the management of Cathay Chocolate Industry Company Limited which is a distributor/importer of products for Cargill (Malaysia), dealing with palm fat products and also cocoa powder from Malaysia
              As well as importing huge quantities of quality dairy products into Thailand, we too export some of them to a number of neighbouring countries.